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One Chance To Be A Man

A true story. The struggle of a little boy becoming a man. Making the wrong choices for what appears to be the right decisions. When his mother dies from smoking crack he has to make a decision, is the street life what he wants to keep living? When he asked himself this question a whole new world opens up for him, he eventually takes everything he learned on the streets and turns it into poetry. A man from the streets of Chicago who went searching for truth and found himself! A story like no other! An amazing journey! This book is about everything. 

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This book is passionate, articulate, and creative. "One Chance to Be a Man" unapologetically describes the frustrations felt from a life filled with intense and consecutive challenges. D-Revolution’s ability to evoke strong images with his gritty and honest reflections of the past and present creates a 3-D image for the reader with his intense descriptions. The book focuses on the writer’s introspection and self-actualization despite painful hallmarks in his life. This book is a testament to D-Revolution's success as a writer and a man.


This book has taken story-telling to another level..The first chapter prepares you for the journey.. You can hear the honesty and pain his voice. I give 4-stars because he leaves you wanting more..When the last chapter finishes you'll call a friend and share what you just read. THIS IS A COLLECTOR'S ITEM.


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